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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Fur-bearing fish, alligators, top hats, and more!

The Whitefish Museum sits inside the Depot building at the north end of downtown. Inside its doors, you’ll find a curated collection of Whitefish history. The Museum is the hub for Whitefish’s stories- stories of close calls, funny mix-ups, daring pioneers, and spunky characters!

Step into the Museum and learn about the local Whitefish alligator, the fur-bearing fish, a celebrated author, and the Aquatic Sports Team from the 1940s. Pictured here is a legacy display cabinet from an early downtown drug store. As it’s a beautiful piece, it remained on display around downtown before finding its home in the Museum.


To pair with the stories of the Stumptown of yesteryear, the Museum boasts countless relics from the last 100+ years of Whitefish history. For example, here is one of the first cash registers to grace the downtown shopping. Plus, if you look closely you can you see a sign describing the First Whitefish Street Light, which just out of frame to the right of the photo.


The most popular item in the Museum is the Fur-Bearing fish! (Although a sharp eye may find not one but two fur-bearing fish inside the Museum.) This fish has captured the imagination and ire of children and adults for decades. It leaves everyone asking, “How can this be real?!”


Whitefish High School has produced thousands of graduates, with another graduating class on the way! The Museum offers a collection of WHS memorabilia and records for former students interested in a trip down memory lane.


Donate History

Do you have a great photo, interesting story, or piece of Whitefish history sitting around that you would like to preserve? Donate it to the Whitefish Museum for people to enjoy in the Museum for years to come!

Carnival Buttons

We love, welcome, and accept donations of Carnival buttons. If you’re looking to complete your set of Winter Carnival Buttons, the Whitefish Museum is the best place to trade and exchange them!

Thanks for reading this story about the Stumptown Historical Society Musuem!

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