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Whitefish's Secret People

Updated: May 10

Meet the people behind the scenes who built Whitefish into what it is today.

Support the Stumptown Historical Society by purchasing a copy of this photo.

Thanks to the people who keep us safe.

This newsletter is a quick thank you to everyone who helps make Whitefish a special place. The team at Stumptown Historical Society was looking through the photo archives and was struck by how many people worked secretly behind the scenes to help make Whitefish better. Whether it was 101 years ago or last week, here's to all the men and women who make this town go 'round.

First off, here's a salute to the people who keep us safe! Pictured above is Whitefish's first fire truck in front of the Masonic Lodge (modern-day Loula's Cafe) ca 1918. For over 100 years, Whitefish has been protected by countless firefighters, police, and emergency medical personnel. And we're especially grateful that our fire engines are a little more advanced than in 1918!

Also, Giving Tuesday was a few days ago and if you would like to help protect Whitefish History by supporting the Stumptown Historical Society, a great way to do that is by purchasing one of the images you see here. You get to own a piece of Whitefish and your purchase helps SHS safeguard the history of Whitefish. It's a win-win!


Thanks to those who keep us healthy.

A quick thank you to the people who patch us up, solve our maladies, and keep us healthy! We are so grateful for everyone who works in our healthcare system. Pictured above, a group of nurses pose for a photo on the steps of the Whitefish Hospital, ca 1905.

This photo was kindly donated to the SHS by Kim Vierra. Vierra's grandma, Alma Quinlan, was a nurse at this hospital. Quinlan is pictured here on the far right.

The lady in the center is likely one of Sarah Hanson or Elizabeth Hann, the two nurses in charge of the hospital in 1905. Here is a clipping from the Whitefish Pilot on January 21, 1905, announcing the completion of the new hospital:


Thanks to the men and women who keep our shops and restaurants running.

Support the Stumptown Historical Society by purchasing a copy of this photo.

Where would Whitefish be without our retail workers? Lost (probably)! So here is a thank you to those who crew the stores, wait the tables, and run the shops around town. We are grateful for you!

Pictured above is Rupert's Grocery Store, ca 1911. H.H. Rupert started Lakeside Grocery in 1911 after a career as a dispatcher. He was also one of the few people to buy a car in the early years, which he used for deliveries. Rupert bought his first "auto" in 1916 (expected delivery on April 21) and upgraded to a "fine new Dodge delivery car" in 1918. (details from the Whitefish Pilot archives.)


Thanks to the people who work behind the scenes to make life richer and more fun!

Support the Stumptown Historical Society by purchasing a copy of this photo.

The final show of thankfulness for this newsletter goes out to all the men and women working to enrich the town through reading, art, theater, and spectacle! You make life rich and add spice to our days (especially the dull, grey February ones)!

So thank you to the librarians, the thespians, the dance instructors, the watercolorists, the potters, and so many more! Pictured above is the first Whitefish Library behind City Hall, ca 1925. If you look closely at the sign, you'll notice that some things never change as the present-day Whitefish Community Library has signs that say the same thing!


Thank you!

It's impossible to say thank you to everyone who works behind the scenes to make Whitefish a special place. There are simply too many amazing people! So for the people we didn't acknowledge in this newsletter, thank you. And a very special thanks to you, the reader, for taking the time to read Stumptown Stories this month!

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